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Gertrude K. Edelman

 Principal Sabal Palm Elementary for 23 years. Miami-Dade County Public Schools - 39 years. A highly motivational and inspirational educator and administrator.


Enthusiastic, energetic and charismatic Extremely involved in the community. Loved and admired by all who have worked with her.

Gifted Program

Ms. Nuñez/Teacher of the Gifted with her class and guest Mr. Yaeger

The gifted program at GKE/Sabal Palm Elementary services students in grades first through fifth. According to enrollment, we offer both pullout and self contained classes. Gifted students measure their success through the challenges they are able to receive, meet, and often surpass. Our goal is to identify students with high potential and exceptional performance and to offer challenges that match their strengths. The program aims to encourage gifted students to take ownership of their learning by offering them an environment where they are able to succeed and develop their fullest potential.
The aim is to provide Gifted Students with "both structure and choice, and help them achieve more than they thought they could" (Carol Ann Tomlinson)

School District #3

  • Representative:
  • Dr. Martin Karp
  • Miami- Dade County School Board


  • 17101 NE 7th Avenue
    North Miami Beach, FL 33162

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